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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 7
The IK Doll's Adventures

By late afternoon, Napoleon and Illya were finishing up the report from their last mission. The office was very quiet as the IK Doll was occupied elsewhere.
"Napoleon, not that I actually care, but where is the IK Doll, I haven't seen him since this morning in Mr. Waverly's office."
"Sharon and Janet are getting him outfitted, at Mr. Waverly's direction. Do you know he authorized a special clothing allowance for him? I can't even get him to pay for the last suit I ruined, and he's giving the IK Doll a special budget just for clothes!" said Solo in disgust.
"I wonder if he'll have to have custom made clothes. He's not exactly a standard size you know. Perhaps you can bring him to your tailor, get him a nice hand-tailored sut." Illya couldn't resist teasing his partner. It would be quite  hilarious if the IK Doll spent more on suits than Napoleon.
" I doubt the boss would agree to that. Then again, I never thought he'd accept the IK Doll as a field agent. Really, what training has he had? We don't even know where he came from."
"You found him at a flea market, remember?" replied Kuryakin distractedly.
"I know where I found him Illya, I just wonder where he'd been previously. He claims to have only vague memories of his whereabouts before the flea market. Maybe he was a prisoner somewhere, or is actually working for Thrush."
Just then the office door opened and Janet came in with large bag from FAO Schwartz.
"Hi guys. I've got the IK Doll what he needs for now. We had such a good time shopping." said Janet as she placed the bag on Illya's desk. There was a small commotion in the bag and the IK Doll struggled to climb out. He tumbled out and stood on the desk with a furious expression on his face.
"I DO NOT WORK FOR THRUSH!" he bellowed in his best Action Figure voice. "What is Thrush?"
"Ah, it's an organization bent on world domination and generally full of bad people. If you don't know what it is, how do you know you don't work for them?" asked Solo reasonably.
"Because" replied the IK Doll somewhat huffily, "I'm an Action Figure, we only do good".
"IK, show Napoleon and Illya what we got you!" interrupted Janet. "We took him to FAO Schwartz. They have just about everything he needs. Sharon will be here in a minute with the rest of the bags" chattered Janet as she began removing the day's purchases. There were several outfits of clothing, including a black suit, dress shoes, white shirt and a few dark colored ties. Next were blue jeans, sweaters, sneakers and more hiking boots, Then black trousers, black tutleneck and black leather jacket. Also an assortment of pajamas, robes, slippers, swim shorts and a variety of casual clothes. There were at least twenty separate outfits.
"Just think Napoleon, if you were the IK Doll's size Mr. Waverly would pay for all your clothes too" said Illya, who was somewhat in awe of the number of items displayed.
Sharon arrived next, with three more large shopping bags. "Look IK, your cars are in this one, let's show Napoleon and Illya!"
"Cars?" said the two men simultaneously. "He gets cars?" asked Kuryakin, who had recently heard a ten minute lecture on the cost of replacing the vehicles he'd destroyed.
Everyone gathered around the desk as Sharon began removing the vehicles from the shopping bag. A red corvette convertible was first, followed by a blue Chevrolet sedan, then a black pickup truck, and lastly an olive drab jeep.
"Are'nt these great?" asked Sharon, "They're remote controlled, but the guys in the lab are going to modify them so they actually drive like real cars. We wanted to get him a motorcycle too, but we were already over budget. Barbara said she'll get it for him next payday though. He really had his heart set on the motorcycle, didn't you IK?"
"Well, yes, but I think Mr. Waverly has spent quite enough on me today. I don't want him to think I'll be any bother."
"Oh, you're no bother at all, is he Sharon?"
"Of course not! I wish all the agents were as sweet as him. He even tried on every outfit so we could see how nice he looks in them. Didn't you IK?"
"It was the least I could do, since you ladies gave up your lunch hour to see to my needs" said the IK Doll.
Solo and Kuryakin traded disgusted looks as the secretaries continued fussing over the IK Doll.
As the two men left the office, the women were unpacking the last bag, which contained miniature furniture. They heard Janet tell Sharon that the IK Doll would no longer be sleeping in a tissue box.

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 8