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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 5
The IK Doll's Adventures

So there was the IK Doll, leaning against his Kleenex bed while the two agents and the secretary apparently had a fit of the giggles - at his expense. He was fed up. He had a cold from his time at the flea market, no one had thought to offer him breakfast, and now they were openly laughing at him. Ordinarily this would be cause for an armed response, but he just didn't feel like it. So he pulled the nice soft kleenex tissue back and climbed into bed. Let them laugh, he felt too miserable to care. And he couldn't stop sneezing.
At last the noises emanating from the Kleenex box got the groups' attention and Sharon came over to see what he was doing.
"Oh, look guys, he's got a cold. He probably feels awful and here we are just laughing. "
The IK Doll looked up at the secretary. She was quite pretty really, just enormous, like everyone else here.
"Would you like some orange juice and cold medicine?" she asked the IK Doll  sweetly as she tucked him snugly into his tissue bed. He nodded mutely and tried not to look too pathetic. Sharon returned shortly with a thimble full of orange juice and a teeny-tiny cold tablet, and he snuggled down into his bed.
"So, Illya, what are you going to do about him?" asked Sharon
"Why should I do anything about him, Napoleon is the one who brought him here".
"True, but I gave him to you. I thought you might like a miniature of yourself". snickered his partner, who was still having difficulty taking the situation seriously.
"I suppose we'll have to tell Mr. Waverly" mused the Russian. Although precisely what they were going to tell him was a mystery. He could just picture the scene. Napoleon giggling like an idiot as he tried to explain the IK Doll to their boss. Himself trying to interject a bit of dignity into the situation, and the IK Doll himself, what would he do? Pull a gun on their boss? Ask for an assignment? Against his will Kuryakin began laughing again, this time at his own imagined scene.
"Illya, stop laughing and start thinking. We've got to bring this to Mr. Waverly's attention".
"Why? Why not just keep him our little secret? Only you, Janet, Sharon, and myself know about him" replied Illya.
Just then the door opened and Barbara, yet another shapely, well-armed administrative assistant entered.
"I heard about Illya's doll and wanted to see him myself" said the redhead as she walked over to the Kleenex box. "He is just adorable! Janet was right. Just then the IK Doll, who'd been trying to catch a little sleep, sneezed. "Oh, he's got a cold. Did you give him anything for it?"
Sharon filled Barbara in on the IK Doll's cold medicine and the two left the office, after promising to look in on the IK Doll during their break.
"Well partner? Think we can still keep this from Mr. Waverly?"
"Really Napoleon, I'm surprised he hasn't stopped by himself to see how the IK Doll is feeling" grumbled Kuryakin.

To be continued....

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 6