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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 3
The IK Doll's Adventures

The IK Doll continued standing on the desk. He was still unsure of what was expected of him. Apparently all they wanted him to do was stand there. This was perplexing. He felt he should be doing something, so he tried looking as fierce as possible. It must be his job to guard the desk for the blond-haired man.
After standing for several hours, he realized that he was alone in the office. The men had gone home, or something, and he was still standing there. He was tired and cold. The secretary, Janet, had not yet returned with the promised clothes or socks. His feet were cold and he was very bored. Wondering where he was supposed to sleep that night, he spotted the Kleenex box on the desk. This would do he decided as he climbed in. He settled himself in the soft, absorbant tissue and went to sleep.
Several hours later the IK Doll awoke. He could hear people scurrying about outside the office. The clock showed 8:00. Time for the day to begin. He climbed out of the tissue box and took his stance on the desk once more.
Before long, the office door opened and Janet entered with a small box.
"Oh, you poor little thing. Did they just leave you standing here all night? You must be freezing!" She then picked up the Action Figure and began taking his clothes off. "Look at this! These clothes are ancient, it's a wonder they haven't fallen apart". The IK Doll was extremely embararssed at having his clothing removed by a strange woman and he blushed.
Just then the two men he remembered from the day before entered the office.
"Hi Janet" said the dark-haired man. Having fun with Illya's Doll?"
"He's not my Doll" hissed Kuryakin once more.
"You two should be ashamed of yourselves, leaving him standing here all night. He must be freezing in these threadbare clothes. I was just changing his outfit to something more comfortable, when I swear, he blushed!"
"Janet" responded Kuryakin patiently, "He can't blush. He's plastic. IT'S plastic I mean. It has no feeling, no emotion and he certainly cannot blush!"
The IK Doll was rather insulted by this, but remained silent.
Janet just sniffed and continued re-dressing the action figure. "Well, now at least he looks more presentable. Plus his feet are warm. See I've got him little socks and shoes. Doesn't he look wonderful?" She had dressed the IK Doll in a pair if jeans, sweater, sneakers  and socks. He was quite comfortable really and wanted to thank her, but was unsure if he should say anything just yet. They apparently didn't realize he was not just an action figure, but an Action Figure.
Janet placed him carefully back on the desk before leaving the office. The two men after dutifully admiring his new clothes just ignored him. So he stood there stiffly waiting for some clue as to what was expected of him. Unfortunately the hours spent standing in the cold office had had an effect on him, and he sneezed.
"Bless you" said Napoleon.
"Hmm?" replied Kuryakin, looking up from the report he was engrossed in.
"I said; Bless you. You sneezed."
"No I didn't"
"Of course you did, I heard you" replied Napoleon. Before the argument could continue, the IK Doll sneezed again, loudly.
"Ah, Illya, your doll is sneezing. I think he's caught cold".

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 4

To be continued....