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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 12
The IK Doll's Adventures

Early the next morning, the three quickly packed and drove to the airport. Illya noticed that the IK Doll was unusuallly quiet , but didn't comment on it. Napoleon was concerned about IK and Illya forcing him to wear the mouse ears at the office and was busy thinking of ways to get rid of them.
They arrived in New York and went directly to HQ for a debriefing with their boss. Mr. Waverly was very pleased with their performance and actually complimented them on the success of the mission. The IK Doll was still very quiet though and Mr. Waverly noticed it as well. Concerened that his small agent had had some difficulty on the mission, he inquired as to what was bothering the IK Doll.
"Sorry Mr. Waverly, but ever since we visited the theme park, the one with the mouse that is, I've had some disturbing images pop up in my mind. In some I'm on some sort of conveyance which drops from a great height, others I recall involve great speed and danger. I also hear a woman's laughter along with these images. Well, more of a shriek than a laugh, but it is disturbing nonetheless. And worse, are memories of being tied up and hung upside down. An image of a blonde woman keeps appearing as well. As if she is somehow mixed up in all this. And for some strange reason I seem to recall a computer, where I'm forced to spend many hours working on or fixing it."
"Hmm, those are indeed disturbing images and memories IK, I'll see what can be done to get to the bottom of this. Can't have one of our agents in less than perfect form now can we." Mr. Waverly replied gruffly, though he was quite concerned about the IK Doll's mental health.
Illya and Napoleon were both somewhat stunned at Mr. Waverly's designation of IK as "one of our agents" but neither said anything. Illya was enjoying working with IK more than he had thought he would and Napoleon seemed to have taken to him immediately. Perhaps this would work out well.
The boss dismissed them shortly and the three agents returned to their office. Napoleon was relieved to see that neither Illya nor IK was wearing mouse ears so he didn't feel obligated to wear his.
Later that day, Napoleon and Illya were summoned once more to Mr. Waverly's office. The IK Doll was occupied in the lab where the technicians were attempting to dismantle some devious device made by Thrush. The IK Doll had volunteered to climb inside the device and destroy it, much as he had done on the Florida mission.
"Gentlemen, I have some extremely disturbing pictures that I want you to see. One of the secretaries, while surfing the Web came across these. She was most distressed by them as you can imagine. The secretaries are very fond of IK and were quite horrified by these."
He slid the photos across the desk to the agents. The printouts showed the IK Doll, tied down to some sort of railing. Several of them showed him tied up, hanging upside down. There were also pictures of him naked and looking as if he'd been beaten.
Solo and Kuryakin were horrified as well.
"Do you think Thrush did this sir?" asked Illya.
"That's what you're to find out Mr. Kuryakin. I'm sure you two can figure out a way to trace these pictures back to their source. I want whoever is responsible for this apprehended and brought here at once.
I'm sure this all ties in to the IK Doll's nightmare memories and we will prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. I'll see that the IK Doll is kept busy elsewhere while you pursue the monster responsible for this."
Back in their office the two agents decided to do some web surfing of their own. If the secretaries were able to find this sort of thing on the internet, that's where they would begin their search as well.
It didn't take them long to discover several websites devoted to their little friend. Either he was capable of being in several places at once, or there were many more like him. They were more determined than ever to get to the bottom of this. On some of the sites, it looked as if IK were living in the lap of luxury and he seemed quite happy. On one however, they found the photos that had so upset the secretaries. Not only were there pictures of the IK Doll tied up, but there were many more pictures showing him doing extremely dangerous things.
"Napoleon, I cannot imagine that IK would do these things voluntarily. The pictures of him snowboarding are just incredible. He must have been coerced into doing that, no one in their right mind would agree to such a dangerous stunt."
"I agree. We've got to find those responsible immediately. There's no telling what else is going on out there with the other Action Figures. No wonder he ran away from his previous home. Even a flea market must have seemed a safe haven for him." Solo replied grimly.
"We should also look into the matter of the other Action Figures. Although they seemed well cared for, we should insure that they really are. Anyone can fake things with pictures." noted Illya.
An hour later they had traced the ISP for the website. They now knew where to find the person responsible.

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 13