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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 6
The IK Doll's Adventures

As the two men were discussing the IK Doll situation, the buzzer on Napoleon's desk sounded and Lisa's voice was heard. "Mr. Waverly would like to see you both, immediately, it seems there's a "little" problem he'd like to discuss". This last sentence was accompanied by what sounded suspiciously like a snort.
"News certainly travels quickly here" grumbled Illya as they left the office.
"Gentlemen, have a seat" offered their boss, Alexander Waverly, partially obscured behind a cloud of pipe smoke. "It has come to my attention that one of you has brought some sort of doll to the office. Furthermore, their are rumours floating about that this "doll" actually talks and acts human. Anything you'd like to tell me about it?"
"Ah, actually sir, I found him at a flea market this past weekend. And since he looks exactly like Illya here, I couldn't resist buying him - to give to Illya. So, it's really Illya's doll". concluded Solo.
"Mr. Kuryakin? Any thoughts on the subject?"
"No sir, not really. I for one don't think there's much of a resemblance."
"That's not quite what I meant. Any thoughts on what this thing is and how it's possible that he talks?"
"Sorry sir," replied the flustered blond. "I have no idea, although he insists he's an Action Figure, that's "Action Figure", not action figure. He has quite an ego for someone so small. He also seems to have a very bad cold" added Illya somewhat inanely.
"Yes, well, as soon as he's feeling better, I'd like to meet him" said Waverly as he desperately tried to control the twitch at the corners of his mouth. Even the boss was having trouble taking it all seriously.
By the next day, the IK Doll was feeling much better as he dressed himself in yet another outfit one of the secretarys had brought for him. This one was his favorite so far, consisting of dark green trousers, shirt, jacket, hiking boots and best of all a small automatic weapon. He felt complete.
"Well, IK, are you ready to meet our boss?" asked the dark-haired agent.
"I am most anxious to meet Mr. Waverly. I think I have quite a bit to offer your organization, since I am an Action Figure".
"Right. You'll have to leave the weapon here though, can't have you shooting plastic projectiles at our boss."
"I have no intention of doing such a thing, the weapon stays with me" replied the IK Doll, leaving no doubt who had just won the argument. Jeez, he really was like Illya.
Mr. Waverly and Illya Kuryakin (the larger) were comfortably seated at the  circular table when Napoleon and the IK Doll entered.
Solo carefully placed the IK Doll on the table and gave it a spin. Waverely found himself face to face with a 12 inch replica of his Russian agent. He found the resemblance quite amazing, right down to the scowling expression.
"I undertand you'd like to work for our organization"
"That depends. I cannot work for an organization in which I am treated as a joke by the field agents with whom I'll be working" said the IK Doll as he gave Solo and Kuryakin a meaningful glare.
"Who said anything about working with us?" growled Illya. Really, the IK Doll was becoming quite a handful.
"I should think it would be quite a good fit Mr. Kuryakin. I can't imagine partnering him with anyone else really. You two should work well together, along with Mr. ah, Solo, of course".
"Mr. Waverly I already have one Russian to handle, I don't think it's fair to saddle me with another one."
"Saddle you?!?" choroused the two IKs.
"That's quite enough gentlemen. Sort this out and the three of you report back to me tomorrow. By the way, I will authorize an allowance for the IK Doll...see that he gets whatever he needs".

To be continued.....