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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 11
The IK Doll's Adventures

As usual, early the next morning the IK Doll was the first one awake. He quickly made his bed and put away his pyjamas, then waited patiently for his fellow agents to wake up. He enjoyed his shower in the sink and got dressed for the day. He was pleased to see Napoleon and Illya wearing outfits similar to his. Khaki shorts, short sleeve shirts and sunvisors. They looked quite touristy.

They arrived at the park at 9:00, along with several thousand other people and began to look for evidence of Thrush involvement. It didn't take long. Huge lines of people were waiting to buy the cheapest, tackiest, most godawful souveniers imaginable. The three UNCLE agents resisted the desire to join the lines for the pathetic plastic offerings. The IK Doll had a sudden urge to cut through the line in order to buy what appeared to be gigantic rodent ears. Not the cute mouse ears like the other park had, but realistic and ugly rat ears. Napoleon managed to keep the IK Doll under control by promising to get him the mouse ears from the other place before they left Florida.

"Illya, do you also have an irrestistable craving for cheap souveniers or does your proletariat background make you immune to such excessive displays of decadent capitalism?"

"I do have a craving Napoleon, and I think we'd better find the source of this gas before we blow our entire budget on this worthless junk. Right IK?"

The IK Doll just nodded, as it was taking all his self-control not to rush the souvenier stand and spend all his money on the rubbish being sold.

After much searching, the three decided the most likely source was inside the giant rat. The gas was apparently being pumped through the ventilation system. Slipping on the gas masks they had brought with them they made their way past the door marked "Authorized personnel only. All others will be shot." The IK Doll was able to climb into the ventilation duct and quickly located the cannister. He turned the handle on the top until it shut off then destroyed the mechanism and  escaped from the ventilation system.

"Good job IK" said Illya as they left the park, along with the thousands of people who were all muttering about "being ripped off, can't believe I'd buy this crap, I'll never come back here again, etc., etc.,.

The three UNCLE agents were elated. They'd saved the world once more. Well, they'd saved alot of people quite a bit of money and that was good.

As they neared the rental car, Illya suddenly remembered the promise Napoleon had made the IK Doll.

"Napoleon, do you recall promising IK something from the OTHER theme park?" asked Kuryakin in his best innocent voice.

"Not really Illya, would you care to remind me?"

"I remember" said the IK Doll. You promised me mouse ears. I think we should ALL get mouse ears don't you?"

Solo sighed. "Yes, we should all get mouse ears. Why not. I'm sure they go with all my suits. We can wear them at headquarters, start a fashion trend. I'll never live this down."

Several hours and several hundred dollars later Napoleon, Illya and the IK Doll returned to their hotel room. The trip to Florida had turned out even better than they'd hoped. Soon the IK Doll was sound asleep in his bed on the night stand. Still wearing his ears.

Will the IK Doll become a real U.N.C.L.E. agent? Will he recover his memories? Will he wear his mouse ears to work?
Find out when the IK Doll's Reality continues...

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 12