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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 2
The IK Doll's Adventures

This was certainly not the IK Doll's day..or week really. Somehow he had ended up in a desk drawer. Not the one at home, where he often napped while working on the computer. For some reason he only had vague, disjointed memories of that place. There were people there, a lot of them he thought and they were all very loud. One of them spoke Russian and one of them was always undressing and redressing him. Plus there seemed to be many teenagers. Thinking about it was giving him a headache though so he stopped.

He wondered just what he was supposed to be doing here. Maybe looking for something in the drawer for the dark haired man? And who was that blond man? He looked familiar somehow, but the IK Doll couldn't quite place him. And just what had he been doing in a shopping bag all weekend? He was wracking his brain for answers when the desk drawer suddenly opened and the blond haired man picked him up. He wasn't as careful as the dark haired man though and the IK Doll nearly yelled. Better to keep quiet at this point though until he figured out what was going on.

"So Napoleon thinks you look like me" Kuryakin addressed the small action figure. "I think he's losing his mind, but let's humor him shall we?"

The IK Doll wasn't sure if that required a response, so again, he kept quiet. Then the blond man placed him on the desk, so he just stood there and tried to look spy-like.

"Oh Illya, he's so cute!" squealed Janet, one of the many shapely and well-armed secretaries, when she spotted the IK Doll standing there.

"Napoleon thinks he looks like me. I think he's mad".

"He does look kind of look like you now that you mention it. You should get him some new clothes though, these are pretty threadbare".

"Not you too Janet! I'd think you had more sense than that. Besides, where would I find anything in his size?"

"Are you kidding?" Ken clothes would fit him perfectly. In fact if you don't mind I'll find a few outfits for him when I go home. I've kept some of my Ken and Barbie clothes. I'll see if I have some socks for him too, his feet must be cold".

"That's what Napoleon said" sputtered Kuryakin. "He---IT--is made of plastic so I doubt very much ITS feet are cold."

"Well, I think he needs socks, maybe some new shoes too. I'll bring them in tomorrow." She smiled sweetly at Illya as she left the office.

Just as she left, Napoleon came in. "I see your new little friend is quite a conversation piece. Maybe Janet can find him someone and the four of you can double date."

"Really Napoleon, this is getting out of hand. Janet's going to see if she can find some clothes for him, including socks. Maybe we can take him to a briefing with Mr. Waverly, perhaps he'll issue him a badge" said Illya, quite sarcastically.

"Come on partner, you can play with your doll later, Mr. Waverly is waiting for us" smirked Solo.

"He's NOT my doll!" hissed Kuryakin as he followed his partner out of the office.

To be continued....

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 3