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The IK Doll's Reality - Part 9
The IK Doll's Adventures

Early the next morning Napoleon and Illya were in Mr. Waverly's office, for a briefing. Their boss sat in his customary place across the table from them.
Illya wasn't certain where the IK Doll was, but had his hopes that "IK" as he was now being called would not soon be making an appearance.
"Gentlemen, as you know Thrush has been more active than usual of late. You are to fly to Florida and investigate their involvement in a new theme park near Orlando. Our intelligence indicates that they are using the park as a front for more nefarious goings-on. I will fill you in on our other findings as soon as the IK Doll arrives."
"The IK Doll?!" exlaimed Kuryakin. "Sir, why are we waiting for the IK Doll?  Last I saw him some of the secretarys were taking him on a tour of headquarters. I thought that would occupy him for quite some time".
"Yes, well I think he will prove quite useful to you on this affair, Mr. ah, Kuryakin".
Illya noticed his boss never seemed to have difficulty remembering the IK Doll's name.
Just then the metal doors slid open and the red corvette zoomed into the office. The IK Doll carefully parked his vehicle near the table, got out closed the door and stood more or less at attention. He was wearing a black suit, striped tie, white shirt and black shoes. Mr. Waverly leaned down and carefully picked him up and placed him on the table.
"I see the boys in the lab got your car running.  Are you ready for your first assignment?"
"Yes sir, I am looking forward to being of service to U.N.C.L.E. and working with Napoleon and Illya". The IK Doll nodded in the agent's direction while their boss produced a tiny chair from somewhere and motioned he IK Doll to sit.
"Gentlemen, your mission will be to go to Orlando, determine what is going on in the new theme park and put a stop to Thrush's activities there. The IK Doll will assist you in this. Our prelimary intelligence indicates that the park is a copy of an existing, enormously popular park. Without the Mouse of course. "Sir, may I ask why you want us to take the IK Doll? He may be something of a novelty, but I really do not see what value he could have on a mission such as this."
"On the contrary Mr. Kuryakin" replied Waverly, "The IK Doll is invaluable in this instance. We believe that Thrush has developed some sort of odorless gas, which when released into the air, causes people to spend huge amounts of money at their park. Therefore Thrush hopes to impact the economy by selling worthless sourveniers at incredibly inflated prices. The park visitors will be helpless to resist buying this rubbish and Thrush will profit handsomely."
"Yes sir, but I still don't see how the IK Doll will be of any use to us."
"Because Mr. Kuryakin, the IK Doll is small enough to physically climb into the apparatus which contains the gas, thereby neutralizing it."
"Sir" spoke up Napoleon. "If we know the location of this gas, why can't Illya and I just go there and blow it up?"
"The local chamber of commerce has asked that we not do anything to call negative attention to the park. Blowing it up therefore is not an option."
"That will be all gentlemen, your flight leaves in one hour. I will expect a full report as soon as you return. Oh, and by the way, please don't forget to pack things for the IK Doll, especially his bed. I don't want one our agents sleeping in a Kleenex box while on a mission."

The IK Doll's Reality - Part 10